After all, it's just javascript ❤️


After all, it's just javascript ❤️

Who am I ?

I am a self taught web developer with 10+ years of experience in Front end space. I am in Toronto for the past 2.5 years and had the chance to work for top companies in banking & tele-communications, both in Contract roles and Permanent roles. Having attended dozens of interviews when I initially landed, and also when I was looking for job switches, I know what it takes to crack the interviews, the patterns and the expectations for each roles.

As a trainer, I have worked as a Teaching Assistant for over an year in Udemy for the biggest Angular course - Angular the complete guide   by Maximilian Schwarzmueller. Teaching has been an immense passion and I take great joy in mentoring & moulding careers and passing on the knowledge that I earned over years.Check out the recommendations by the man himself and the testimonials of other students here

Which one would you like to learn?

Angular Fundamentals 🔥

Angular is a Javascript framework. This is one of the hot frameworks in Front End space & one of the most sort out skills in Toronto Tech arena. I spend a good 25-30 hours focusing on absolute fundamentals. Checkout the demo application you build & its details of the course if you are interested in knowing more. The course is ideal for beginner level people who is dipping their feet into front end space / back end devs who is looking to go full stack. I cover ES6 & Typescript fundamentals first before diving into Angular. Checkout the weekly topics covered below.

Modern React

In 2021, In Canada, the hottest front end framework on demand is , undoubtedly, React , hands down! What I wanted to teach you is the fundamentals, concepts , theories & a small project that we build together covering the concepts we have learned, in a step by step, digestable manner which doesnt throw your interest out of the window. The course is aimed at 20-25 hrs and within that time, I wanted to teach you what I feel is the most important point - The What & The Why , rather than How in a way which is project & job / interview focused. I know, we all have limited time, so the syllabus to straight & to the point covering the absolute fundamentals & relavant in 2021. State management is the heart & soul of any front end framework. Let me break down the hard parts for you in a simpler , interactive & interesting way. Check out the weekly topics below.

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